Serviced Apartments

We are specialists in offering serviced accommodation to the contractor markets.

What Covid has shown us, is that in our ever more connected world, something on the other side of the planet can soon affect us here in the UK. By working with us throughout the lockdowns, our clients have been able to keep their teams safe in their own private team accommodation where they don’t have to mix with hundreds of others going in and out of the hotel lobby, keeping them safe from infection, and protecting the continuity of our client’s building projects.

Moreover, with teams on site for weeks and months at a time, staying in the same hotel room can become very challenging to the comfort of your team, as well as very draining on your budgets when having to buy multiple rooms for larger teams!

We offer flexible living solutions to help you keep your accommodation costs in check, as well as providing something more spacious and comfortable for your team.

We can offer a range of solutions, from as much as work with contractors early in their planning cycle to help them plan our the accommodation they will require for a specific project, and then source, setup, furnish and operate a range of serviced property for them through the duration of their project… to as little as offering one of our existing apartments for a 2 week stay for your team.

Our Select Properties

We only operate spacious properties with adaptable bedrooms that can be either double, or twin rooms without compromising on personal space allowing us to offer highly competitive rates to groups .When teams are travelling for weeks at a time, a comfortable and sociable environment helps ensure they turn up well rested each day on site. To this end we stock our apartments with the highest quality mattresses, bedding and furnishings, with large sociable living rooms to give the teams somewhere to relax in the evenings.All of our apartments come with the absolute fastest WiFi package available in the area, great for video conferencing or streaming the latest box set.
Apartment 4 Bell Street, Edgware

Apartment 4 Bell Street, Edgware

The apartments all come with a fully furnished kitchen allowing your teams the flexibility to store and cook their own food should they wish to.Our business expansion means we have an existing range of accommodation options for your teams, and are continuing to take on new properties close to large projects so contact us today to request accommodation for your next project!

What our Clients are Saying…

“CDP Property are our first choice for accommodation for our lads on site. They saved us 20% on what we were paying to accommodate our guys before and were even able to take on a property especially for our contract in Croydon, which was a lot nicer than the Premier Inn we had them at before which went down a treat with our guys!”

Craig Hamilton – Vista Group

“CDP had just what we needed for our development. We had guys travelling down to Bedford from Nottingham and assumed hotels would be the obvious way to go. CDP approached us and we went with their serviced apartment option which they launched especially for our project. Close to the site, a fraction of the cost the hotels were offering, and with twice the space for the guys in the evening! Thanks Chris and CDP!”

John Edwards – JE Construction Ltd


If you want benefits like Craig and John contact us today to enquire about accommodation near your project site.