Broadcasting your message is important in property. If you get your message right, and get it to the right people you can have more deals and finance for projects than you know what to do with and be on the fast track to success. But get it wrong and you’ll struggle to grow and will end up drained and bored of an industry with so much potential to create financial freedom. The article will give you 3 implementable steps to get you on that fast track if you choose to use them.

Broadcasting. One of the most undervalued methods of sourcing property deals, raising finance, meeting JV partners and improving your sales leads out there and yet easily one of the most effective.

But what do I mean by broadcasting? 

Well technically broadcasting can be anything from a notice on your local newsagent’s notice board to a multi million pound TV advertising campaign. The point is getting a message out there. All companies advertise what they do to let people know how what they offer, what they are looking for, how they can help. It is an essential part of being in business.

But Chris, how does this apply to my property investing?

Well property businesses are just like any other business. You have sales; sales of rooms in your HMO, nightly bookings in your serviced accommodation, you even need to sell yourself to the people like agents who you want to work with. What about finance? That doesn’t just land in your lap. For people to offer you money to do deals and projects, they have to know what you offer, how reliable you are, what sort of track record you’ve got, and your history in the game to see whether you’re the sort of person they want to work with.

I’m sure you can see how without a flow of property deals, finance and tenants or guests, your property business is going to struggle to grow, or even survive. So I’m going to share with you what I have found to be one of the most cost effective and impactful strategies to solving this problem. Having steadily and consistently implemented this into my own business, I have been able to grow my business to, at the time of writing, 45 properties, 15 agents working with me across 5 different cities, raised over a million pounds of JV finance, and secured a steady flow of tenants for our properties.

I can share with you 3 methods for how you can go about achieving the same results if you are the sort of person who is prepared to take action towards your goals and ambitions and implement it with consistency.

Broadcasting at Networking Meets

The first place to spread your message is among like minded people at networking events. Some of my favourites are PPN and particularly PIN meetings which allow you the opportunity to deliver a 20 second pitch in front of the audience. If you’re not comfortable with public speaking then it can be unnerving, but you’re missing a massive opportunity if you ignore this. My first ever property deal came from the very first time I delivered my 20 second pitch. Having pitched about rent to rent deals I was approached at the break by a local landlord who was interested in running his apartment as a serviced apartment. After 2 follow up meetings over the next two days we signed an agreement for me to operate his apartment as a serviced apartment on a profit sharing basis. Had I not overcome the fear of standing up in public and delivering my message, I would not have got my first property deal that day. It was genuinely no money down, save for the £40 I spent on buying some dinner for the two of us to chat over. If you’re not sure what to say or how to deliver the message in an appealing way in just 20 seconds we work on this within the Complete Property Millionaire System and help our mentorship clients to craft their 20 second pitch to maximise it’s appeal as well as your memorability so that you don’t blend into the people delivering and are surrounded by people at the break wanting to hear more from you. 

The 2M Rule

This one is going to be a stretch for some people, and when I explain it, I’m sure that the vast majority of you will not want to implement this into your broadcasting activity. But I’ve used the 2M Rule to raise hundreds of thousands of pounds of JV finance and even secured a couple of deals from this. So what’s it all about? 2M Actually means 2 meters and what I’m talking about is striking up a networking style conversation with anyone who comes within 2 meters of you. Now I don’t mean walking down your local high street and networking with everyone who passes you (although massive respect if you’ve got the kahunas to do that!!) but in your everyday situations when you find yourself sitting next to someone on the train, when you’re in line for the bus, while you’re working out at the gym, while you’re waiting in line at the coffee shop. There’s a famous saying that your network is your net worth, and the more people you know, the more options you’ll have for people to work with. I saw this demonstrated beautifully by one of my business partners Douglas Grant, who struck up a conversation with someone who was working in a coffee booth in Glasgow town centre while he was out for a viewing of a property. Well it turned out that person was covering for a sick staff member, and he actually owned the coffee booth, as well as the block of 20 apartments it was located in front of. Douglas calmly explained how he worked with me on Serviced Apartments and handed the man his business card, booking in a follow up meeting. From just 1 conversation, he had uncovered a business opportunity worth over 100K pa. It would have been easy for him to order his latte and be on his way but he stopped for a chat and made sure to tell the guy what he did and look at the results, and guess what? Those sort of opportunities are everywhere. Now don’t worry if you’re not sure how to direct a conversation that way subtly so that you can talk about what you want to talk to them about without it coming across as rude or self centred, we give you a process for how to do that within the Complete Property Millionaire System and will guide you through real life situations you encounter within our mentorship program.

Social Media

Love it or hate it social media is in my opinion the best value marketing you can do. In fact there is a good chance that if you’re reading this article, it’s because you saw it posted on CDP Property Solutions Facebook page or by myself in either the Property Abundance Community, or my own personal page. So what can you post about on Facebook, Linkedin or any of the other social networks out there? Personally I post about my activity in property including videos and photos of what I’ve been doing that day in my business, especially when it’s hands on like viewings or setup of a new property because it feels really tangible. I also like to comment on the posts of others asking questions and offer support and encouragement to others in the Property Abundance Community (PAC members!). I do this, and you should too for many reasons! Firstly, property has been very kind to me over the last 3 years and I have been able to change my lifestyle beyond recognition thanks to this industry. Therefore if I can help to inspire even just a handful of people to follow the same path and reach their own goals then that is hugely rewarding for me. Another massive benefit of consistent online activity, is that it leaves an indisputable trail of evidence. A new client, who is thinking of doing business with me can literally check me out on Facebook and there they will find a huge back catalogue of property deals, videos, photos of projects, and motivational posts that will give me huge credibility and show that I know what I’m talking about. If they have any doubts about my level of experience they can spend hours wading through evidence of it should they so desire. That applies to clients just as much as it applies to JV partners, Finance partners, potential agents I want to work with etc etc. The point is that this applies to you just as much as it does for me! Now the great news is that I have created a forum for just this kind of thing. The Property Abundance Community on Facebook is a ready made self documenting group, where I strongly encourage you to engage as much as possible. The more you engage, the more value you add for others and the more you build your profile and get viewed as an expert. Here are some practical examples of how you can engage with the PAC most effectively:

Document your journey. Post about the deals you’ve done, the people you’ve met, and the action you have taken, big or small to move you towards your goals in property. If you’re “just starting out” you can share insights and experience from a totally unique perspective that will resonate powerfully with others in the same position as you.

Ask Questions. If you have a question or you’re not sure how to deal with a situation you’re up against in property then just ask. The PAC is a supportive environment and is designed to support anyone who wants help. I’m not going to guarantee I’ll personally know the answer to every single question and I’m happy to be up front about that, but there is a huge wealth of experience in the group and someone will be able to share experience with you on your issue.

Help others. The PAC is a support network and designed to be just that. If people are following my advice they will be asking questions, and documenting their journey and the most encouraging thing for people when they do that is to see others engaging with their posts. Liking, commenting and sharing insight with others is what makes this community so valuable, so engage with other people’s posts. The more you do so the more known you become to me and to others who could be looking to fund your deals.

So there you have it, 3 ways you can broadcast more and start reaping the benefits of having a broad and extensive network. Get this right and you will have more contacts and potential JV partners than you know what to do with, and will find your property journey accelerates at a pace you didn’t think was possible. Fail to take my advice and you can carry on trying to drag your property business along with the same old contacts and the same old problems holding you back like an iron weight. Seems like a simple choice to me so if we aren’t contacts on Facebook or Linkedin yet, let’s change that and if you’re not a member of the PAC yet, you’re missing out big time so let me make it super easy for you to become a member. Just click this link and answer our pre-qualification questions. Please also make sure your picture is actually you or we won’t accept the request because people do business with people, so show us your smile 😀…

That’s all for now guys! Next time – how to outsource your property business so you can take a 2 month holiday and come back wealthier than when you left.

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